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Causes: Disturbed moisture balance & Insufficient water content.

Symptoms: sensation of discomfort, tightness, itching, prickling, and burning.

Signs: redness, swelling, and scaling.

Skincare for sensitive & dry skin:

  • Products that have been tested on, and proven to be kind with, sensitive skin.
  • Products free of perfume or any other ingredients that you know may irritate your skin.
  • Skincare that contains Ceramides; important lipids strengthen the skin barrier, help to prevent moisture loss and keeping out irritants that can cause inflammation and itching. Ceramide-3 is a key active in Aloe-Seb Cream.
  • Products that include Hyaluronic acid, Saccharide isomerate ensure instant, deep hydration by generating a moisture reservoir. They are key ingredients in B5 HYA Serum.
  • Skincare products that contains Vitamin B5 help promote the skin barrier’s natural repair process. It is ideal for the treatment of dry, scaly or rough skin. It is a key ingredient in B5 HYA Serum.

Tips for sensitive & dry skin:

  • Avoid washing skin too frequently in water that is too hot as it strips skin protecting lipids and can cause it to dry out further.
  • Avoid ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, menthol or high concentration of denatured alcohol – contained in some cleansing products and moisturisers – can also cause discomfort for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid chemical peels and exfoliators as they can cause irritation to already sensitive skin.
  • Over-exposure to the sun and lack of appropriate UV protection cause dehydrated skin.
  • The dry air, as well as the lack of humidity affects skin hydration.